How to order an e-Gift Certificate (Checkout)
The checkout process of Daedalus Books & Music's e-Gift Certificate has 4 easy steps: Billing, Shipping, Confirmation, and Receipt.
  • Checkout Process:
  • Billing -> Shipping -> Confirmation -> Receipt
    1. Payment

      Please enter credit card information. If you have saved payment information in your account, select one from the pulldown menu.

    2. Billing Address

      Please make sure to fill out all required (*) fields.

    If you have any special instructions for customer service, type them in here.

    Please do a final check.

    If you need to change Payment or Bill to information, click on the "Change" button in each section.

    After you have confirmed that all information for this order is correct, click on the "Place Order" button.

    This is your receipt for the order. We will send you an order confirmation email.

    Please save this page for your reference. The Web Order Number (in red circle) is needed when you call us or track your order.

    If you would like to keep shopping, click on the "Continue Shopping" button to proceed.