Easy Order Form
If you have already selected your items for purchase after browsing our catalogs, you may use this form to select items without navigating through our Web site. Every item has a unique Item Code. Item Codes are printed in our catalogs, as well as displayed on our site.
  • How to use our Easy Order Form:
    1. Locate the "S=" (Source Code Number) and "C=" (Customer Number) from the address label on the back cover of our catalog and enter the numbers on this order form.

      Any savings linked to the source code will be shown at the confirmation page in our checkout process.

    2. Simply enter an Item Code and Quantity for each item you wish to order.
    3. Before you add the items to your cart, click on the Check Availability button. You will then see the current status of each item: Available, Sold out, or Invalid.
    4. If you need more boxes, please click the More button. The input fields you have filled above will be cleared, and these previously selected items will be shown at the bottom along with the item's availability.
    5. When you have entered all the items that you would like to order, add them to your cart by clicking the Add To Cart button. The items marked as available will be placed into your shopping cart.