How to order using Easy Order Form
1. Finding the Easy Order Form
The Easy Order Form is conveniently located on the left menu section (circled in red) and also in the top-right corner of the bottom footer on all pages.
2. e-Catalog page (Pop-up Window)
  1. If you have a Source Code, enter it here.

  2. Enter an Item Code and Quantity for each item you wish to order.

  3. Before you add items into your cart, click the "Check Availability" button to view the availablity of the selected items.

  4. If you need to order more, please click the "More" button.

3. Shopping Cart
Review your item list to make sure that all the items added from the e-catalog are available.

If you are ready to purchase the items in your shopping cart, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

If your Express Checkout Web site preference is enabled, you have a choice of either Express Checkout or Checkout.
Express Checkout Checkout