These catalogs are our newest Book, Music, and Children's Book catalogs. If you already get our catalogs and you found something you wanted to purchase but don't have the paper catalog handy, don't worry.

Click on the cover of the catalog from which you would like to order. The electronic version of the actual catalog will then be loaded in a popup window. You may then add items to your shopping cart while browsing the e-Catalog.

Here are sample views of e-Catalog pages.
  • Cover page of Early Fall Book - 2002
  • 2nd page of Early Fall Book - 2002
  • How to browse an e-Catalog
  • The below picture is the navigation control box on the top of the e-catalog page.
    1. When you see an item you would like to purchase in the e-catalog, simply enter its Daedalus Item Code into the box at the top of the window and click the "Add to Cart" button.
    2. If you cannot clearly see the picture, click the "Zoom In" button to enlarge the picture.

      To decrease the size of the picture and view more at once, click the "Zoom Out" button to see a smaller picture.

    3. These are the navigation control buttons:
    4. << First page (Cover page)
      < Previous page
      > Next page
      >> Last page

    5. If you would like to view a specific page number, enter the page number in the space provided and click the "Go" button to jump to that page.