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Test your knowledge of Conspiracy Theories

1. Area 51 is best known for:
A nightclub in New York City
The site where the UFO disc found at Roswell, NM in 1947 is housed
A branch of the New World Order
The spot where several people claim to have been kidnapped by aliens
The theory is that Area 51, a high-security military base in the Nevada desert, houses the UFO disc found at Roswell, NM in 1947. It's also believed that the remains of other alien spaceships are kept there. For more on this topic, we recommend UFOS: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities by John B. Alexander.
2. Some believe the British Royal Family are:
Secret agents
Corgis in disguise
Members of the Order of the Phoenix
Alien lizards
Conspiracy theorist David Icke claims that the Royal Family are not humans but rather alien reptiles who have taken on human form in an effort to enslave humanity.
3. The 1969 moon landing is sometimes considered a hoax because:
The American flag fluttered even though there is no wind on the moon
Technology wasn't yet advanced enough to travel into space
Neil Armstrong said it was faked
It's impossible to land on the moon
The reason the flag fluttered is because it was still swirling from being planted, according to NASA.
4. Christopher Marlowe is said to have written under the name:
Sir Walter Raleigh
William Shakespeare
Edmund Spenser
Queen Elizabeth
Christopher Marlowe was murdered in 1593 when he was killed in a brawl over an unpaid bill. Conspiracy theorists claim that he was not killed, but faked his own death and went on to write under the name William Shakespeare. (Shakespeare seems to have not written anything before 1593, the year of Marlowe's death.)
5. The Philadelphia Experiment was:
One man taste testing all the cheese steaks in the Philadelphia area.
The supposed ability of the U.S. Navy to render a warship invisible during WWII.
A secret government experiment to fix the crack in the Liberty Bell to boost morale during WWII.
The U.S. Navy's covert operation (located in Philadelphia) of training dolphins to transport missiles across the ocean.
The story goes that, during WWII, the US Navy attempted to render warships invisible and succeeded in October of 1943 with the USS Eldridge. Supposedly the ship disappeared from its berth at the Philadelphia Navy Yard and was teleported some 600 miles away to Virginia. The Navy has denied the existence of the Philadelphia Experiment or any research into invisibility.
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