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A Brief History of the Universe
J.P. McEvoy.
Publisher: Robinson.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9781845296841.  Daedalus Item Code: 21984
The first astronomers mapped the movement of the seasons and used the positions of the constellations for augurs and astrology; today astronomy probes ever deeper into the nature of life and reality ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $5.98
A Brief History of the Universe: From Ancient Babylon to the Big Bang
J.P. McEvoy.
Publisher: Running Press.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9780762436224.  Daedalus Item Code: 32959
Since the dawn of humanity, people have gazed at the stars and attempted to define the heavens. Here astrophysicist J.P. McEvoyóalso the author of Introducing Quantum Theory, Introducing ... (Read More)
List Price: $13.95 Sale Price: $4.98 You Save: $8.97
Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light
Jane Brox.
Publisher: Mariner.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9780547520346.  Daedalus Item Code: 30583
"A superb history of how the availability of ever more artificial light has changed our world over the centuries, from stone lamps in prehistoric caves to contemporary light-emitting diodes (LEDs). ... (Read More)
List Price: $15.95 Sale Price: $4.98 You Save: $10.97
A Brilliant Darkness: The Extraordinary Life and Mysterious Disapperance of Ettore Majorana, the Troubled Genius of the Nuclear Age
Joao Magueijo.
Publisher: Basic Books.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780465009039.  Daedalus Item Code: 32961
On March 26, 1938, Italian nuclear physicist Ettore Majorana boarded a ship in Palermo, cash and passport in hand, and was never seen again. Theoretical physicist Jo„o Magueijoóthe author of ... (Read More)
List Price: $27.50 Sale Price: $5.98 You Save: $21.52
Carrying the Heart: Exploring the Worlds Within Us
F. Gonzalez-Crussi.
Publisher: Kaplan.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9781607140726.  Daedalus Item Code: 13937
In this fascinating, surprisingly entertaining tour of the human body, F. GonzŠlez-Crussi reveals not only how our bodies breathe air, pump blood, give birth, digest food, and discard waste, he also ... (Read More)
List Price: $26.95 Sale Price: $3.98 $2.98 You Save: $23.97
Chasing the Sun: The Epic Story of the Star That Gives Us Life
Richard Cohen.
Publisher: Random House.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9781400068753.  Daedalus Item Code: 20565
In the grand tradition of the scholar-adventurer, swordsman and publisher Richard Cohen takes us around the world to illuminate our relationship with the star that gives us life in this erudite, ... (Read More)
List Price: $35.00 Sale Price: $6.98 $5.98 You Save: $29.02
A Child is Born
Lennart Nilsson, photog. Lars Hamberger, text.
Publisher: Jonathan Cape.   Format: laminated cover.
ISBN: 9780224089944.  Daedalus Item Code: 31568
First published in 1965, A Child Is Born stunned the world with its unprecedented photographs of human fetal development from the moment of conception to the time of birth. In subsequent ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $9.98
Connectome: How the Brain's Wiring Makes Us Who We Are
Sebastian Seung.
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780547508184.  Daedalus Item Code: 33143
We know that each of us is unique, but science still struggles to pinpoint where, precisely, our uniqueness resides. Our genome may determine our eye color and even aspects of our personality, but ... (Read More)
List Price: $27.00 Sale Price: $5.98 You Save: $21.02
Cosmic Numbers: The Numbers That Define Our Universe
James D. Stein.
Publisher: Basic Books.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780465021987.  Daedalus Item Code: 41622
Most educated people know about the speed of light and absolute zero, although numbers like Boltzmann's constant and the Chandrasekhar limit are not generally topics of conversation. In this ... (Read More)
List Price: $25.99 Sale Price: $6.98 You Save: $19.01
Creation: Life and How to Make It
Steve Grand.
Publisher: Phoenix.   Format: paperback.
ISBN: 9780753812778.  Daedalus Item Code: 81111
Humankind has within its grasp the power to synthesize true artificial life, according to the managing director of Britain's Cyberlife Research Ltd., Steve Grand. A leading exponent of artificial ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $3.98 $1.98
The Crowded Universe: The Search for Living Planets
Alan Boss.
Publisher: Basic/BOMC.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780465009367.  Daedalus Item Code: 12969
We are nearing a turning point in our quest for life in the universe; we now have the capacity to detect Earth-like planets around other stars. But will we find any? Astronomer Alan Boss argues here ... (Read More)
Sale Price: $5.98
Cycles of Time: An Extraordinary New View of the Universe
Roger Penrose.
Publisher: Bodley Head.   Format: hardcover.
ISBN: 9780224080361.  Daedalus Item Code: 33594
In his groundbreaking book The Road to Reality, Roger Penrose provided a comprehensive yet readable guide to our present understanding of the laws that are currently believed to govern our ... (Read More)
List Price: Import Sale Price: $7.98
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