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Test Your Conspiracy Theory Knowledge: Round 2

1. All but which of the following groups have been linked to a supposed plot to assassinate President Kennedy:
Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson
The Mafia
The U.S. Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court. While itís never been disproved that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, that hasnít stopped countless conspiracy theories since the Presidentís assassination on November 20, 1963.
2. Jonestown was:
The popular location for crop circles
A 1970s rock band
A mass suicide by a cult and their leader
The town where a alien spaceship allegedly landed in the 1960s
A mass suicide by a cult and their leader. Named after the cultís encampment, Jonestown was the site of a mass suicide by nearly 920 people, including 276 children. Their leader, Jim Jones, had them ingest Kool-Aid laced with poisoned. Conspiracy theorists believe their deaths were actually done by the CIA to cover up mind-control experiments.
3. HAARP stands for:
High Frequency Air Aroma Research Program
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Hidden Alien Abduction Recorded Protocol
None of the above
HAARP stands for: High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. The 33-acre site is located in Gakona, Alaska where scientists study the nature of the ionosphere (the layer of sky 30 miles above the planetís surface). Run by the U.S. military, some believe that HAARP is actually a weapon capable of delivering several types of mass destruction.
4. The CIAís LSD mind-control and -alteration project in the 1950s and 60s was code-named:
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Project Blue Beam
Project mind trip
5. Some believe the British Royal Family are:
Secret agents
Corgis in disguise
Members of the Order of the Phoenix
Alien lizards
Alien Lizards: Conspiracy theorist David Icke claims that members of the Royal Family are not humans but rather alien reptiles who have taken on human form in an effort to enslave humanity.
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