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Radicals Chasing Utopia: Inside the Rogue Movements Trying to Change the World

Jamie Bartlett.
Item #: D00460
Format: Paperback
Pages/Publication Date: 400 / 2017
Publisher: Nation
ISBN: 9781568589862
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"Our present way of organizing society is neither inevitable nor permanent," posits the author of The Dark Net. "The world of tomorrow will certainly be very different from today." More than ever, the world is filled with innovators, idealists, gadflies, and extremists who think we can do better—and believe they know how. In this evenhanded but unavoidably entertaining overview, Bartlett profiles some of the most influential fringe movements today: transhumanists questing for immortality, far-right groups seeking to close borders, militant environmentalists, escapists hoping to make a legitimate nation out of the tiny Croatian domain of Liberland, and psychedelic pioneers attempting to heal society with hallucinogens.

"Bartlett is an accomplished journalist: careful, dispassionate and willing to put the time in. And once again he does the work, spending time with people whom less committed reporters might wish to avoid. And he does so with a degree of sympathy that is as impressive as it is rare."—Guardian (London)


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