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Surfing With Sartre: An Aquatic Inquiry into a Life of Meaning

Aaron James.
Item #: D01707
Format: Hardcover
Pages/Publication Date: 352 / 2017
Publisher: Doubleday.
ISBN: 9780385540735
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Existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre once declared "the ideal limit of aquatic sports … is waterskiing." Philosophy professor and avid surfer Aaron James disagrees, and here he expounds the thinking surfer's view, elucidating such topics as freedom, being, phenomenology, morality, epistemology, and even the emerging values of what he terms "leisure capitalism."

"The book strikes a winning balance between waxing wise and catching waves…. James cannily navigates the metaphysics of Leibniz and the point breaks of Malibu with equal ease…. Ultimately, it's as concerned with peace, fulfillment, and humanity's future as it is about the spray of salty surf on a summer's day. In fact, the two are the same."—NPR


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