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The Art Of Swearing: Over 40 Fine Examples of Foul Language

Lord Dunsby.
Item #: D02397
Format: Hardcover
Pages/Publication Date: 64 / 2014
Publisher: Dog 'n' Bone
ISBN: 9781909313521
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Known professionally as the sign writer Lord Dunsby (though his friends know him as Steve Millington, and perhaps a few less flattering names), the author does not present a treatise on the art of using swear words here. Rather, it is a treatment of swear words as art, meaning that Dunsby turns some unsavory epithets and curses into elegantly pictorial representations using clever hand-lettered text and occasional illustrations. Many of the more than 40 naughty words are distinctly British (as Dunsby hails from Sheffield), including his Mary Poppins-inspired summary, "Supercrappy notartistic this book is atrocious."


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