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Heavens On Earth: The Scientific Search for the Afterlife Immortality and Utopia

Michael Shermer.
Item #: D02579
Format: Paperback
Pages/Publication Date: 320 / 2019
Publisher: Griffin.
ISBN: 9781250314130
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For millennia, religions have envisioned numerous manifestations of heaven and the afterlife, and though no one has ever returned from such a place to report what it is really like—or that it even exists—today science and technology are being used to try to make it happen in our lifetime. From radical life extension to cryonic suspension to mind uploading, Skeptic Magazine's Michael Shermer considers how realistic these attempts are from a proper objective perspective, and offers an uplifting view of how we can live meaningful lives in the here-and-now, regardless of whether there is a hereafter.

"Michael Shermer is a beacon of reason in an ocean of irrationality."—Neil deGrasse Tyson


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