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Seven Wonders Of The Milky Way

David A. Aguilar.
Item #: D11389
Format: Hardcover
Pages/Publication Date: 80 / 2018
Publisher: Vikling
ISBN: 9780451476869
$18.99 $4.98
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Blast off to the oldest star in our galaxy, zoom around planetary nebulae dubbed "the butterflies of space," and circle past ringed exoplanets with astrophysicist David Aguilar, who takes readers 9 to 12 on a journey through the Milky Way. Combining paint and digital effects with photographs of the heavens, Aguilar depicts and describes such celestial wonders as Omega Centauri, the Great Nebula solar nursery in Orion, the massive star UY Scuti, the Hourglass Nebula, the ever-dimmer Tabby's Star, and the TRAPPIST-1 system—which includes the most Earthlike planets we've yet found.


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