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We Know It When We See It: What the Neurobiology of Vision Tells Us About How We Think

Richard Masland.
Item #: D13445
Format: Hardcover
Pages/Publication Date: 272 / 2020
Publisher: Basic
ISBN: 9781541618503
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Spotting a face in a crowd is so easy, you take it for granted—but how you do it is one of science's great mysteries. Explaining how it works reveals more than just how you see, posits Harvard neuroscientist Richard Masland, who tackles here the vital questions about how the brain processes information—how it perceives, learns, and remembers—through a careful study of the inner life of the eye. Covering everything from what happens when light hits your retina, to the increasingly sophisticated nerve nets that turn that light into knowledge, to what a computer algorithm must be able to do before it can be called truly "intelligent," Masland provides a profound yet approachable investigation into how our bodies make sense of the world.


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