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The Lost Family: How DNA Testing is Upending Who We Are

Libby Copeland.
Item #: D13733
Format: Hardcover
Pages/Publication Date: 294 / 2020
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 9781419743009
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You swab your cheek or spit in a vial, then send it away to a lab; weeks later you get a report that might tell you where your ancestors came from or if you carry certain genetic risks. Welcome to the age of home genetic testing, a scientific attempt to find answers to such existential questions as "Who am I?" and "Where did I come from?" It is not without risks, and here Libby Copeland investigates what happens when we embark on a vast social experiment with little understanding of the ramifications. Exploring the culture of genealogy buffs, the science of DNA, and the business of companies like Ancestry and 23andMe, Copeland traces the story of one woman, her unusual results, and a quest for answers that becomes a modern genetic detective story.


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