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The Devil's Financial Dictionary

Jason Zweig
Item #: D80386
Format: Paperback
Pages/Publication Date: 238 / 2015
Publisher: Public Affairs Books
ISBN: 9781610397766
Currently Unavailable

Is there anyone more in need of a poke from a pitchfork than the folks on Wall Street, who brought us subprime mortgages and one financial crisis after another? Taking his cue from Ambrose Bierce's classic Devil's Dictionary, Jason Zweig clarifies hundreds of investment and financial concepts that we'd like to think we understand, from "Blue Chip" to "Corporate Governance." Seasoned with a healthy dash of cynical wit, Zweig's definitions include such colorful terms as "Pac-Man Defense," "Alligator Spread," "Hindenburg Omen," and the perennial "Bear Market" ("A phase of falling prices when you can no longer bear to think about what a fool you were").


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