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Cracking The Aging Code: The New Science of Growing Old— And What It Means for Staying Young

Josh Mitteldorf & Dorion Sagan
Item #: D80473
Pages/Publication Date: 2016 / 336
ISBN: 9781250061706
No Longer Available

In their revolutionary examination of why we age, what it means for our health, and how we just might be able to fight it, theoretical biologist Josh Mitteldorf and ecological philosopher Dorion Sagan reveal that evolution and aging are even more complex than we thought. Aging is not something that "just happens," they argue, nor is it a genetic inevitability. Rather, aging is a species-level survival mechanism, designed to sacrifice the individual for the health of humanity. When treating the diseases of old age, posit Mitteldorf and Sagan, we must understand that the body isn't trying to heal—it's trying to destroy itself on a schedule. Instead, we must decode the signals that trigger aging and replace them artificially with the signals of youthful vitality.


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