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How To Be A Genius: Brain Training for the Idle Minded

Robert Allen
Item #: D80482
Pages/Publication Date: 2011 / 170
ISBN: 9781843406389
No Longer Available

How do you become a genius? Simply by putting your mind to it, posits Robert Allen. The author of a series of Mensa puzzle and IQ test books, Allen here considers neuroscience, mnemonics, emotional intelligence, meditation, brainstorming, and other disciplines and practices to show how you can train yourself to become a mental athlete. There are plenty of brainteasers and puzzles here, but also quotes, tips, anecdotes, profiles, advice, definitions, and fascinating facts about how our brains do what they do. Nor is there only one method to follow—Allen provides a variety of ways to improve memory skills, win at brain games, and fine-tune your mind.


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