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Downton Abbey Quiz: The Story So Far

Test your knowledge of trivia and events leading up to Season Three

1. Which sister enjoys learning to drive a tractor?
Lady Mary
Lady Edith
Lady Sybil

2. test
ans 1

3. What does Mrs. Patmore the cook teach one of the sisters to do?
She shows Lady Mary how to sew
She demonstrates proper place settings to Lady Edith
She teaches Lady Sybil to bake a cake

4. What is the disease that carried off Matthew Crawley's fiancée, Lavinia?
Spanish flu
Chicken pox
Poor Lavinia; she never had a chance. Witness this exchange—Lady Grantham: “So, that’s Mary’s replacement. Well, I suppose looks aren’t everything.” Cora: “I think she seems rather sweet. I’m afraid meeting us all together must be very intimidating.” Lady Grantham: “I do hope so.”)

5. Who says "Your lot buys it. My lot inherits it." to a prospective suitor ?
Lady Mary to newspaperman Sir Richard Carlisle
Lady Edith to Matthew Crawley
Lady Sybil to Tom Branson
Martha Levinson to no one in particular

6. The series is filmed at Highclere Castle, set on 1,000 acres in Hampshire—a landmark estate open to the public in the summer. True or False: The kitchen and the servants' quarters are shot in a London studio because those parts of Highclere are now too modern.
Hence the spot-on BBC parody featuring Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders, Kim Cattrall, and a host of famous British actors, all waiting protractedly for tea to arrive from the Ealing Studios. A favorite line from the butler: "A good servant retains a sense of Pride and Prejudice at all times.")
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