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Downton Abbey Season 3 Quiz

Some questions to see how closely you're following season three

1. What is the most hated plot nexus among online episode recappers?
Bates in prison
Thomas the footman being set up by former ally O'Brien
Isobel Crawley's attempts to rehabilitate the fallen women of Downton and environs
The love triangles amongst the younger servants

2. Who is offered a dramatic change of occupation?
Tom Branson
Kitchen maid Daisy
Lady Edith
All of the above
Branson = estate manager, Daisy = taking over her father-in-law's business; Edith writing for the newspaper

3. Who are surprised to run into each other at the doctor's office?
Cora and Robert
Cousin Shrimpie and Rose
Lady Mary and Matthew
Lady Edith and Mr Gregson
They each attempt to find out if they have problems preventing conception of an heir.

4. Which of these BBC programs prior to Downton Abbey does not treat class distinctions in Britain during the Edwardian/World War I era?
Upstairs Downstairs
Cold Comfort Farm
The Duchess of Duke Street
Love in a Cold Climate
Set in the 1930s, it parodied the gloomy rural novels of Hardy and Lawrence.

5. Who has the following exchange in the last episode of Season 3: "Beer, thatís very racy of you." "I am racy."
Mr Tufton and Mrs Patmore
Carson and Mrs Hughes
Matthew and Cousin Rose
Bates and Anna
Whilst picnicking in the Scottish countryside.
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