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Downton Abbey Quiz#4

Try your hand at these questions having to do with customs of the day

1. Where would Lord and Lady Grantham conventionally sit at the dining room table?
At opposite ends
At the same end
In the middle

2. After the war, many aristocratic families like the Granthams were strapped for cash. Which of the below is not one of the reasons:
Increases in income tax and death duties
A decline in agricultural revenues
The rise of cheap imports from around the world
The inability to raise rents because of rent control
Many landowners were reluctant to cause their tenants hardship by raising rents. Ditto letting go of house staff. As Violet puts it, "It's our job to create employment. An aristocrat with no servants is as much use to the county as a glass hammer."

3. The series is filmed at Highclere Castle, set on 1,000 acres in Hampshire—a landmark estate open to the public in the summer. True or False: The kitchen and the servants' quarters are shot in a London studio because those parts of Highclere are now too modern.
Hence the spot-on BBC parody featuring Ab Fab's Jennifer Saunders, Kim Cattrall, and a host of famous British actors, all waiting protractedly for tea to arrive from the Ealing Studios. A favorite line from the butler: "A good servant retains a sense of Pride and Prejudice at all times.")

4. At Society weddings such as that of Mary and Matthew, what was predominately given to the bride by her parents, her in-laws, and close friends?
The use of yachts and houses abroad for the honeymoon
Silver and china services
The principal gifts were jewels, a sign of wealth and status. These were listed in the newspapers (presumably to the delight of potential burglars).

5. The kitchen staff of the great houses ate at one big table with the "upstairs" staff.
Strict hierarchies applied here as well, so that the upstairs maids, butler, housekeeper, and footmen took their meals apart from the cook, chauffeur, and scullery maids.
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