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What Boosts Your Brain Power?


1. Brain function can be elevated with superfoods that include antioxidants. Which of the following foods has two times more antioxidants than red wine and three times more antioxidants than green tea?
Omega-3s (from fish oil, for example)
Especially if dark, semi-sweet, or sweetened organically or with honey.

2. What pose best counters a sore neck from a desk job?
Marjayasana, the Cat/Cow or “watchu lookin’ at?” pose
Balasana/ the Child or “please assume the crash position” pose
Savasana/the Corpse or “play dead” pose

3. Which essential vitamins or supplements will help brain function?
A, the Bs, C, D, E and zinc, folic acid
A, the Bs, C, D, E and calcium, magnesium, and selenium
All of the above
All of the above

4. Why do we crave certain foods that we know are not good for us?
Because evolution has honed our stomachs, through natural selection, to let us know that we need these foods to survive
Because we are constantly bombarded with advertising for high-fat foods and our brains can't handle the overload
Because our brain desires a euphoric hit that certain foods will release
High-fat foods release what have been identified as opioids that really do give our brains a euphoric hit; the other theories listed have been mostly debunked by scientific research.

5. Feelings of joy and calmness can be stimulated by two chemical messengers in the brain, dopamine and serotonin. How do these neurotransmitters work?
They override processes in our brains that cause brooding or negative thinking
They help brain cells grow new dendrites and synapses, which promote growth and strengthening of new connections
They inhibit the activity of the amygdala, which is the center of fearful responses

6. Not getting enough sleep (which some say is from seven to nine hours per night) is bad for our brains because
We don't get enough REM sleep, which is the brain's restoration period
The brain will produce too much protein, which affects the function of essential organs over time
The brain will begin to delete memories
During the five-stage cycle of sleep, which includes "slow-wave" deep restorative sleep and REM (deep dreaming) sleep, the brain synthesizes protein, sends blood to the muscles to restore the body, replenishes its neurotransmitter store, and consolidates the day's events. The cycle may occur every 90 to 110 minutes, but stinting on your sleep time can prevent the really deep sleep stages from reaching their deepest points within the cycle, effectively stealing time from your brain's restoration campaign.
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