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How Much Do You Know About Your Brain?


1. How does a baby's brain differ physically from an adult's brain?
Babies' brains have fewer brain cells.
Babies' brains are more receptive to new experiences, problem-solving, and sensations than adults.
Babies' brains have a narrower perception of life.
Actually, infant brains have more brain cells, more neurotransmitters, and what has been called a "supersonic ability" to sort through all the information life throws at them, a greater ability to live in the "now," and yes, more receptive capacities for all the new experiences they face.

2. In brain science, neuroplasticity is a conscious effort to rewire the brain that can:
Make you better at math skills if you're not great at math
Subdue the ills of PTSD, OCD, and various phobias
Increase your ability to use telepathy or ESP
By being constantly aware of patterns in your thinking, and altering the negative ones, you can actually change the way your brain performs…at any age.

3. To best way to combat depression would be:
GABA, or gamma-aminobuytric acid, an amino acid
Both of the above

4. The most effective psychoanalytical tools for changing patterns in the brain can be found in:
Rolfing Structural Integration
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Jungian Analysis
The authors of Train Your Brain to Get Happy support Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is designed to help you recognize and alter disruptive or unconstructive patterns of thinking.

5. Your boss or supervisor or someone in authority insults you in front of your colleagues. Which response might be considered healthiest for your brain?
Replay the scene over obsessively in your mind until you can't think about it anymore.
Replay the scene various times thinking about better ways to respond.
Shrug it off and forget about it.
#2 is the best way to alter thought patterns and maximize brain happiness, although #3 comes in at a close second.
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