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The Teenage Brain


1. Which family condition or habit is most likely to promote a well-balanced, healthy teen?
High economic class status
Suburban rather than urban neighborhood setting
At least one sit-down meal a day with all members of the family

2. What is most likely to result in better memory and grades for a teen?
A trip to San Diego ComicCon or a similar event
At least 8 hours sleep per night
Supplements like Red Bull to boost energy

3. Neuroscientists used to say that early childhood was the most critical stage of human development. What period do they now identify as the most critical?
All developmental periods all equally critical
Fourth grade
Early adolescence

4. What have MRI body scans revealed about the way teens respond to images of human faces expressing emotion?
Teen brains mature at the same rate as their bodies.
Teen brains do not heed the 'executive region' of their brains as well as adults, which prompts risky or careless behavior.
Teens use reason more often than 'gut' reactions when responding to confusing situations.

5. What trend predominates teen life in this decade, according to reports published by the White House Conference on Teenagers?
Declining suicide rates
Declining college attendance rates
Increasing injuries from texting
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