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America's Early Spies: The Revolutionary War


1. Before being hanged, this man's final words were "I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." Who was he?
Benedict Arnold
Nathan Hale
George Washington
Nathan Hale was a soldier in the Continental Army, volunteering for an intelligence-gathering mission in New York City. Unfortunately, he was captured by the British and hanged.

2. The Culper Spy Ring was established to:
Spy on George Washington and Congress
Find Martha Washington's missing diamond
Spy on the British Army
The Culper Spy Ring was established in 1778 under the orders of General George Washington. The ring’s mission was to spy on the British Army and report on troop movements, positions, fortifications, and plans in the New York area. The group was believed to have played a key part in discovering the treachery of Benedict Arnold.

3. What was the scheme that Benedict Arnold planned before he was discovered as a British spy?
To surrender West Point to the British
To buy all the British tea to keep it from being dumped in Boston Harbor
To betray General George Washington's secret location
Benedict Arnold was awarded command of West Point, planning to use his position to surrender the fort to the British. However, British Major John André was captured by American forces and was caught with papers that revealed the plot. Arnold fled and narrowly avoided capture.

4. When she wanted to secretly alert other undercover operatives, one female spy would:
Hang specific articles of clothing on her clothesline
Put different flavors of pie in an open kitchen window
Sing a variety of songs as she gardened
Anna Strong, a member of the Culper Spy Ring, used her laundry as a way of signaling times and locations for spies to meet, specifically a black petticoat and between one to six handkerchiefs.

5. What did George Washington refer to as his "medicine" when requesting it from his supplier?
Invisible Ink
The use of invisible ink was popular with both the British and Americans. Washington used it frequently and eventually a special lab was set up for the sole purpose of creating the ink for the general.
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