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Think you could make it as a World War II Spy?


1. The 24-Hour Commando Ration Pack did not contain:
2 packs of Chewing Gum
1 tin of a Spam-like product
1 pack of flour
1 pack of toilet paper
2 Tea Blocks
Flour could be hard to come by and was not included in the Commando Ration Packs. Secret operatives were taught to make flour from tree bark; pine and birch bark were the most usable.

2. When confronted at a checkpoint or by police, agents usually were asked all but one of the following routine questions:
Where do you live?
Who are you?
Where are you?
Where are you going and why?
What's your sign?

3. An Enigma machine was:
A lie detector
A special way to radio messages to Allied troops
Hitler's top-secret communication device
A typewriter
Designed to encrypt and decrypt secret messages
Enigma machines were developed by the Germans and primarily used by the Nazis until the Polish Cipher Bureau broke the code and were able to read the messages. British code breakers at Bletchley Park continued the effort to decode the enigmas (among many other intelligent agencies) as the code increased in complexity through WWII, and were a substantial aid to the Allied war effort.

4. The basic principle of guerrilla warfare is:
Surprise is key
Always attack at night
Never carry incriminating documents and information
Mobility is vital: know the area, routes and modes of transport.
All of the above
These principles and several others are the basis for SOE guerrilla warfare.

5. Mathilde Carre was the only known triple agent during WWII and worked for:
France, Germany, and the United States
France, Great Britain, and the United States
France, Germany, and Great Britain
Germany, United States, and Italy
Japan, Italy, and Poland
Carre first spied for the French, then the Germans, and finally the British, who put her in prison for the rest of the war.
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