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Downton Abbey Season 3 Quiz Part II

See how well you recall some of these events
1. Carson catches the two young footmen larking about when the family is away in Scotland. What are they doing?
Smoking Lord Grantham's cigars
Sprawling in the family's armchairs
Teasing the dog, Isis
Practicing cricket for the next match
2. A very large painting of a man on horseback appears behind Lord Grantham in the dining room scenes. Who is this person? Art appreciation kudos if you know who it's by.
The Earl of Carnarvon
James I of Scotland
King Charles I
The Duke of Argyll
3. Who says the following line in the last episode of Season 3: "My whole childhood would seem impossible to you milady. But I survived and so will you."
The Duke of Argyll
4. Which character is called a "young Lochinvar" by Cora's mother?
Cousin Shrimpy
5. What is a traditional "Ghillies’ Ball" in Scotland?
A dance at which Scottish gamekeepers perform ritualized movements with swords and rifles
A masquerade ball in which servants and masters exchange roles and costumes.
A festivity at which servants and masters mingle and perform traditional dances.
Cousin Shrimpy
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