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How To Speak Klingon: Essential Phrases for the Intergalactic Traveler

Ben Grossblatt. Alex Fine, illus.
Item #: D02409
Format: Hardcover
Pages/Publication Date: 12 / 2013
Publisher: Chronicle.
ISBN: 9781452118147
$16.99 $6.98
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We've become accustomed to aliens and robots in science fiction movies speaking perfect English, even though they come from galaxies that are far, far away. In all fairness, we could learn their lingo, and that is the purpose of these crash courses in essential extraterrestrial phrases. With sly illustrations and plenty of wit, the guides also include a sound module so that you can hear samples of these uncommon languages before you embark on your space journey.

Captain Kirk's most consistent adversaries, the Klingons have a harsh, guttural language. If you want to assimilate into this ill-tempered and proud culture, this book has a built-in sound module to teach an array of crucial compliments ("You bludgeon divinely"), toasts ("Today is a good day to die"), and insults ("Your mother has a smooth forehead"), as well as phrases used commonly in intergalactic travel ("Passport? My fist is my passport!") and theatergoing ("Two for Romulan and Juliet").


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