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Dan Hurley
Item #: D71062
Format: Cloth
Pages/Publication Date: 275 / 2013
ISBN: 9781594631276
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Can you make yourself, your kids, and your parents smarter? Expanding upon one of the most widely read New York Times Magazine features of 2012, science journalist Dan Hurley explores the nascent field of intelligence research to reveal what researchers call a revolution in human intellectual abilities, shattering decades of dogma. He tells stories of lives transformed by discoveries of "fluid intelligence"—increasing the ability to learn and solve novel problems through training—and offers practical findings for people of any age and ability. Hurley narrates with acid-tongued wit his experiences as a human guinea pig testing commercial brain-training programs, learning to play the Renaissance lute, getting physically fit, and even undergoing transcranial direct-current stimulation.

"Chatty and personal, Smarter is an easy read—even for those of us with untrained brains."—Washington Post

"Dan Hurley isolates just what cognitive exercise boosts intelligence. Anyone who doubts that environment can make a real difference to cognition should start with this book."—James R. Flynn

"Filled with beautifully explained science, Smarter is engaging and inspiring, offering much-needed hope to those of us whose smarts seem to be declining. Smarter, in fact, is that rare thing: enjoyable reading that can also improve your life."—Gretchen Reynolds


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