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Where's Mommy?

Beverly Donofrio & Barbara McClintock
Item #: D71609
Format: Cloth
Pages/Publication Date: 32 / 2014
ISBN: 9780375844232
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(One of the New York Times Book Review's 10 Best Illustrated Books of 2014) A companion to Mary and the Mouse, the Mouse and Mary, this utterly charming tale of friendship for readers 4 to 8 is told largely through superb ink and watercolor drawings. Young Maria has a secret friend, a mouse named Mouse Mouse, who lives beneath the floor of her house. They are very much alike, these two, and we get to see them both in their parallel lives in delightful and cozy detail. In fact they are so alike that, when their respective mothers suddenly can't be found, they both go calling for them all over the house—and when they find them, it's a bigger surprise than Maria or Mouse Mouse could ever have imagined.

"McClintock pictures the cozy, twinned environments in low-lit panels, and her eggshell-white backgrounds and uncluttered pages allow a pleasurable comparison of human and nonhuman habitats (whereas Maria stands on a stool at the kitchen counter, Mouse Mouse's chairs are jam jars and pill bottles around a plastic berry container). Fans of the original book will revel in the resolution (and the abundance of visual hints), yet the story is no less delightful for newcomers."—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Maria and a young mouse are secret friends living parallel lives in a sprawling home. Everything Maria does with her human family, Mouse Mouse does with her family, who live below the floorboards. But the child knows that if she tells her parents about Mouse Mouse, they will get a cat to get rid of the mice, and Mouse Mouse knows that if she lets her parents know that she's friends with Maria, they will flee to a hole in the ground. One night, both mothers disappear. After a search of the house, the girls are surprised to find their mothers chatting like old friends in the shed. The story is charming in its simplicity, but it's the detailed pen and ink and watercolor illustrations showcasing the little details of suburban living that set this book apart. From the pictures on the wall and the toys scattered in the yard to the games and books in the living room, these images have plenty to offer, and readers will enjoy the rewards of looking at the pictures again and again."—School Library Journal


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