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Big Book...of Perfectly Useless Information

Mitchell Symons
Item #: D72383
Format: Laminated Cover
Pages/Publication Date: 339 / 2015
ISBN: 9780062348333
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Did you know that Billy Crystal's childhood babysitter was Billie Holiday? Or that the shortest war in history lasted 38 minutes? Did you realize that it's physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky? (Now we're just sad.) At any rate, of COURSE we love trivia, but this book by the author of Don't Get Me Started: A Way-Beyond-Grumpy Rant about Modern Life and The Weird World of Words: A Guided Tour is even more fun than we expected. Combining Mitchell Symons's That Book and This Book, it includes lists of celebrity collectors and what they collect (looking at you, Judi Dench, with your doll houses and furniture); breeds of dogs that have won Best in Show at Westminster between 1908 (smooth fox terrier) and 2005 (German shorthaired pointer); unintentionally funny newspaper headlines (Asbestos Suit Pressed, and other bits of random, yes, perfectly useless information. (Did you know that the Bible is the most shoplifted book in the United States?)


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