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Andrew Cleave
Item #: D73670
Format: Cloth
Pages/Publication Date: 72 / 2013
ISBN: 9781597643658
Currently Unavailable

As fascinating to study as they are beautiful, seashells are the product of such gastropods as limpets, turbans, nerites, cowries, helmets, tritons, wendletraps, cone shells, and murexes, as well as bivalves like scallops, oysters, and clams, and the remarkable shelled cephalopod known as the nautilus. Naturalist Andrew Cleave—the warden of Bramley Frith Study Centre in Britain—presents this introduction to the world of mollusks through their shells, vividly illustrated with 80 color photos, including page-filling images of the vivid green emerald nerite (Smaragdia rangiana), the classic lion's paw scallop (Nodipecten nodosus), and, looking like a fairy castle, the precious wendletrap (Epitonium scalare).


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