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The Periodic Table in Minutes: The Elements and Their Chemistry Explained in an Instant

Dan Green
Item #: D73959
Format: Paperback
Pages/Publication Date: 416 / 2016
Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 9781681443300
Currently Unavailable

From simple hydrogen (H, atomic number 1, atomic weight 1.01) to unstable newcomers like livermorium (Lv, 116, 293) and other superheavy elements yet to be confirmed, the periodic table defines the fundamental chemistry of everything in the universe. This chunky little book from the author of The Elements outlines the history, development, and workings of the table, showing how its design reflects and illuminates the properties of matter, and explaining what it has to tell us about the chemistry of distant stars and of our own bodies. In concise, two-page entries, Dan Green explains these topics in a way that makes them easy to understand—including an individual entry for every known element, as well as explanations of basic chemistry, atomic structure, and radioactivity—illustrated with black and white photos, drawings, and diagrams.


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