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30 Years of Laughter Scarf

Anne Taintor
Item #: D76138
Format: Each
Publisher: Anne Taintor
ISBN: 10770
Currently Unavailable

Since the mid-1980s, Anne Taintor has been making us laugh at social stereotypes, advertising images, and perhaps even ourselves, as she pairs midcentury commercial illustrations with hilariously sly captions. This cheerfully retro 30th-anniversary scarf features seven classic Anne Taintor images ("born to be wild," "we go together like drunk and disorderly," "walk faster ... the children are catching up," "we came ... we shopped ... we're ready for cocktails," "I believe we have an opportunity to make some extremely poor choices," "surely it must be five o'clock somewhere," and "You be Thelma. I'll be Louise.") within a pattern of overlapping rectangular figures in various shades of green. The 36-inch scarf is made from a cotton/silk blend and printed on one side (intended to be folded over lengthwise).


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