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Clock It: Sprocket

Milton Glaser, designer
Item #: D76226
Format: Each
Publisher: Kikkerland
Currently Unavailable

Though it may look like a machine for time, with a gauge-like face and variously colored regions set in its bold, black case, Milton Glaser's Sprocket Clock is actually geared to keeping back a bit of information. While the red hand races around the black and white minute band on the rim, the numerical hour itself is often hidden, revealed through a tiny round window only just before and just after the hour turns. The creator of such iconic imagery as the "I heart NY" logo and the "Dylan" poster with Bob Dylan's silhouette and psychedelic hair, Glaser has also designed elegant, playful interpretations of timepieces. The clock is intended to be not so much an accurate instrument as a visual accompaniment to the passage of time. Measuring 10 inches in diameter and a barely over half an inch thick, it is presented in minimal yet attractive cardboard packaging, and includes a battery and a short, stout nail for hanging the clock on the wall.


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