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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Photographic Card Deck

Dwight Jon Zimmerman, text
Item #: D76455
Format: Box
ISBN: 9781631910098
Currently Unavailable

Beautifully photographed and fascinating to flip through, this oversized card set tells the stories of a hundred aircraft, spacecraft, and aviation inventions in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum. From Otto Lilienthal's 1894 fixed-wing glider to Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis, from the Douglas DC-3 airliner to Chuck Yeager's Bell X-1 rocket plane, from Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 space suit to Burt Rutan's sleek SpaceShipOne, these remarkable machines are presented on 6½-inch square cards with a large color photo on the front and a detailed description on the back, including its significance, its acquisition and restoration by the museum, and its specifications.


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