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Rebecca Hall & Luke Evans. Alain Tixier, director
Item #: D78048
Format: DVD
ISBN: 1196
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After his mother is killed by poachers, a young bonobo ape named Beni is captured and sold to a bar, where he is kept confined by the owner and fed junk food and beer by the patrons; with the help of the police, conservationist Claudine André and her team at Congo's Lola Ya Bonobo sanctuary set out to locate Beni and rescue him. Re-enacting key scenes from his life, and supplying a voiceover of Beni's imagined thoughts by actor Luke Evans, this poignant 2015 documentary recounts Beni's subsequent rehabilitation at Lola, where a woman named Espérance becomes a maternal figure for the orphaned primate, helping him to learn the skills he will need when he returns to the wild.


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