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Relief-Pak Hot Water Bottle

Item #: D79390
Format: Each
Publisher: Fabrication Enterprises
ISBN: 714905021366
Currently Unavailable

So what if they're not pretty, or fashionable? Nothing beats a hot water bottle for warming up a chilly bed, soothing an aching back, or easing muscle cramps and other pains, without the hazards or power issues of electric heaters (and they can make those long winter reading sessions extra cozy, too). This quality hot water bottle is a classic design in red rubber with a galvanized metal nozzle, a rubber-gasketed plug, and ribbed sides. Measuring 14 × 7½ inches, it holds two quarts of hot (not boiling) water. And if you'd like to make it more fashionable (and cozy), just slip it into one of our fair trade felted wool covers.


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