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Desktop BBQ

Item #: D80016
Publisher: Running Press
ISBN: 9780762460090
Currently Unavailable

Bring a little bit of backyard paradise to your desk with this miniature barbecue set. Just roll out a patch of grass, set up your neighborly fence, and fire up the classic kettle-style grill to broil a feast of burgers, steaks, and barbecue chicken. And, for that added bit of mouthwatering authenticity, press the button on the back of the grill to light up the glowing red coals and hear the juices sizzle—it even gets louder when you lift off the lid. Along with the 2½-inch-tall plastic grill, the set includes a 5-inch square of green polyester turf, 7½ inches of laminated cardboard fence (with a bright summer sky on one side and a cool autumn sunset on the other), and a complete set of laminated grilling utensils and delicious meats.


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