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Optical Illusions Over 150 Deceptive Images To Bend Your Mind

Gareth Moore
Item #: D80101
Pages/Publication Date: 96 / 2013
Publisher: Parragon
ISBN: 9781472330949
Currently Unavailable

Entertain your eyes and bamboozle your brain with this dazzling collection of optical illusions, where you can catch yourself seeing things wrong, watch objects vanish even as you're looking at them, and delve into the psychological depths of how vision works. Exploring illusions of geometry, perspective, movement, color, and many other types, Gareth Moore shows how our brains interpret what our eyes see—and how often they can be fooled, whether it's identical images that seem quite different or inanimate objects that look like faces. The book includes a "Visual Interpreter" card with rulers and cut-out windows to help uncover the truth of each illusion.


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